Scarlett (aka Allie)

Allie is a 3 yr old female hound mix.  She arrived in the program on 12-13-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Allie when she has completed the program, please contact her Rescue, Homeward Trails, at

Week 1.  Allie is very scared of her new environment.  The first couple weeks will most likely just allowing her to get comfortable.  Her Handler will be working on getting her comfortable with her surroundings.

Week 2.  Sweet Allie is still nervous about her new environment.  She seems a bit more relaxed when she goes outside and investigates her new surroundings.  Right now, she's still not ready to begin any serious training.  She is just beginning to feel comfortable with her Handler.  As with most scared and timid dogs, it takes them a few weeks before they understand their new environment, getting acclimated to the sounds in the housing unit, and becoming comfortable with all the people.

Week 3.  Allie is very, very timid.  She is still very scared of everything.  She seems to be good with other dogs but hasn't started to interact with any of them yet.  She will allow y9ou to pet her but she will not come to you when you call her.  Inside, all she wants to do lay lay on her bed and sleep.  Outside, Allie is still timid but she is showing signs of life.  She will approach a stranger outside and will run around.  She still will not engage in play with humans but will interact with another dog.  Allie is an extremely frightened and timid dog.  Her Handler has not begun any obediance training because of her fear.  Hopefully she will start becoming more comfortable with her Handler so he can start working on her basic training.  Right now it's one step at a time for this sweet, scared little girl.  Obviously she is going to need some work, but given the success we've had with other scared and fearful dogs, we believe she will eventually turn the corner and we will see her real personality.

Week 4.  Allie continues to struggle in the housing unit.  She is much more comfortable and willing to interact with people and dogs when she is outside.  Her Handler is trying to work with leash walking.  She still hides in her crate when she is inside.  Her fear is very deeply rooted, but her Handler continues to slowly work with her.  This environment may not be conducive to her progressing.  Our trainer is going to re-evaluate her in a few weeks.