Athena is a 9 mo. old female Australian Shepherd mix.  She arrived in the program 10-18-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Athena when she completes the program, please contact Linda Domer, 301-800-6102 or

Week 1.  Athena is a very sweet, curious and timid pup.  She is very observant of her surroundings and is initially afraid of everything and everybody she comes in contact.  She absolutely has the ability to warm up to people but it is vital that the individual allows her to warm up at her own pace.  Athena is doing outstanding with her potty training, so there is no issue with that.  She does like to play be she has to feel really comfortable, and even then she does have the tendency to "clam up" if there are too many sudden or loud movements.  Athena is a absolute doll baby.  She loves to be rubbed and enjoys being outside once she gets used to the environment.  Her Handler feels as long as a person is really patient with her, her confidence will grow and she will begin to behave in a less fearful manner.  She is a wonderful girl who had a very hard start in life,

Week 2.  Athena has been getting a little more comfortable with her surroundings.  She has begun to accept her new environment but still has trouble with all of the people and sounds that she faces everyday.  When she is in her most comfortable space, she really calms down and starts to show her personality.  She is actually a lot more playful than we imagined, but that side of her only shows itself when she feels very comfortable.  Athena is really sweet and loves to be rubbed and feel the kind hand of a human.  She is very treat  motivated which helps to break the ice with her.  She is without a doubt an absolute sweetheart and as long as a person is patient with her, we believe she will warm up to them in no time.  Athena is not reactive at all.  She is no doubt a "flight" dog, with with that said, she is very curious and has the potential to really come out of her shell if people will allow her the time and space she needs.