Bridget is a 3 month old female Blue Tick Hound.  She arrived in the program 7-22-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Bridget when she completes the program, please contact Linda Domer at or 301-800-6102

Week 1. Bridget is an energetic, playful and loving puppy who enjoys nothing more than to be given plenty of affection.  She is an absolute sweetheart first and foremost, but also is extremely smart and a ton of fun to be around.  She picks up things very quickly, but also shows the "hound" side of her by being stubborn at times.  Overall, she listens really good and is extremely toy and treat motivated.  Bridget still needs some work with her loose leash walking and her recall.  She sometimes chooses to not "listen" although she appears to know what you're asking of her.  She is the typical puppy that just wants to do whatever she wants (which is play) but she is truly a beautiful and wonderful little girl to be around.  Bridget has absolutely no reactivity to people or other dogs.  

Week 2.  Bridget is really starting to show she is just as smart as the adult dogs.  In spite of still being a puppy, she is very smart and easy to train.  She has learned to focus on her Handler when he is asking her to do something.  She is close to mastering her basic commands (sit, down, wait, paw).  And she just loves to play with all the dogs.  Bridget is a very sweet, loving girl who will make someone a wonderful, lifetime companion :-)