Finnigan is an 8 yr old male lab retriever mix.  He arrived in the program 8-21-19. If you would be interested in adopting Finnigan when he completes the program, please contact his Rescue, Lab Rescue LRCP at

Week 1.  Finnegan is adjusting to his new environment.  New dogs spend the first couple weeks becoming familiar with their new surroundings and people.  Nothing significant to report this week.

Week 2.  Finnegan seems to have settled in to his new environment.  His separation anxiety is much better.  His handler started by leaving the crate door open then slowing progressing to having the door completely closed.  Finnegan is no longer standing and waiting for his handler to return, but rather has progressed to laying down and relaxing while his handler is gone.  Regarding manners, Finnegan already knows pretty much every command.  He is good with the other dogs, but doesn't like a lot of barking or having another dog jump on his head (don't think anyone would like that).  Finnegan is a sweet, super-chilled dog who would love a quiet, easy-going, low activity home.  He would also benefit from another low energy dog in the home.

Week 3.  Finnegan is showing marked improvement with his separation anxiety.  He is such a super-chill dog that wants nothing more than to receive affection.  He is also a "leaner" (leans into whoever is giving him affection).  He does well with the other dogs unless they are hyper-active, barking or jumping on him.  He would make a wonderful addition to any home that is low activity, quiet and relaxed.  A super-sweet dog!