Joe is a 5 yr. old male Golden Retriever.  He arrived 10-16-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Joe when he completes the program, please contact his Rescue, Goldheart Golden Retriever Rescue at

Week 1.  Although Joe has only been her a short time, he is doing very well with his one-on-one with people.  He appears to really like interacting with people, but needs work on things like jumping, playful mouthing, etc.  He's a very happy, friendly, active dog who needs a lot of work with the basics (basic obedience, leash walking cues/commands).  He hasn't had any full introductions to any of the other dogs yet.  He is reactive to the sight of them at this point.  

Week 2.  Joe's Handler has been working on introductions with other dogs.  He does get over-stimulated when he sees Tilly (another dog-reactive pup).  He is great with people and does not appear to have any resource guarding issues at this point.  He loves getting attention from any and all people who will give it to him.  His interaction and introductions to other dogs is being strictly controlled and his good behavior is being rewarded.  Joe is very treat motivated.  He will sit, lay down and wait pretty well, but he needs a lot of work on his loose leash walking and stay.  Joe is also very motivated with the ball and squeaky toys.

Week 3.  Joe is coming along nicely with his training, but he still is getting over-stimulated and reactive to the other dogs.  He is a love with people.  He loves any and all attention and loves to be pet/touched.  Joe had to be started from the beginning with some of his cues/commands/manners.  He's doing good with most of them, and his Handler is working on gettinng him to respond with and without treats.  Because he is ball motivated, his Handler is working on fetch.  His interaction with the other dogs is being addressed and we're hoping once he gets to know the other dogs and interacts with them well on-leash, he should start progressing much better.