Kurt is a 3 yr old male hound mix.  He arrived in the program on 11-27-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Kurt when he completes the program, please contact his Rescue, MCACAC (Montgomery County Animal Care and Control), at animalcenter@montgomerycountyva.gov or (540) 382-5795.

Week 1.  Kurt just arrived.  The Handlers were given a "pass" for journals this week due to Thanksgiving.

Week 2.  Kurt has become relatively comfortable in his new environment.  He doesn't like to be touched on his head until he starts to trust a person.  He doesn't growl, just backs away.  Letting him smell and petting under his chin works well (this is the proper way to always approach a dog, so this isn't particular to Kurt).  Once he knows and trusts, he likes to nibble on you (seriously, not biting but nibblilng :-)  Large groups of people and the associated noise makes him nervous.  Right now he is easily startled.  He has very good  manners when it comes to sit and wait, and his Handler is working on down and paw.  He also does very well on loose leash walking.  He enjoys playing with people he is familar with and the other dogs.  Right now, he really doesn't like to be left alone, but his Handler is addressing that separation anxiety behavior.  His issue was dog aggression, but so far he hasn't exhibited any aggressive behavior towards the other dogs.

Week 3.  Kurt is getting more comfortable with his surroundings.   He still loves to play with the other dogs and hasn't shown any signs of dog aggression.  Right now his Handler is polishing up his basic cues/commands.  Right now his only issue appears to be some separation anxiety.  He is a very happy dog.  He still gets startled and is a bit nervous with large groups of people and the noise they make.  He is showing improvement.

Week 4.  Kurt is really a great dog who loves to play with all of the dogs and people.  He's starting to learn his basic cues/commands.  He is great with his sit and recall, and walks well on the leash.  Still working on down and stay.  He loves to nibble on people - not biting or mouthing.  Just nibbles with his front teeth.  It is adorable.  He would do well in any environment, with kids or adults, and other dogs.  Kurt is a wonderful and charming dog.

Week 5.  Kurt continues to do very well.  He is a sweet and loving dog and loves people and the other dogs.  His Handler is starting to work more on his basic cues/commands.  Kurt is a very respectful and polite dog.  We don't think he will take much time to learn all the basics.  He was supposed to have dog aggression, but from day 1 we have not seen any evidence of it.  He plays very well with the other dogs and enjoys their company.  And he is such a handsome boy.  We're try to get updated pictures and will post as soon as we have them.

Week 6.  Kurt is showing very good progress.  He's still a little nervous, but that behavior is showing very good progress.  Kurt had a vet visit and did very well in the car and at the vet.  He seems to be very comfortable and willing to learn.  He really is a sweet boy and will make a wonderful companion in any home environment.