Lucy Belle (fmr. Lucky)

Lucy Belle is a 1 yr old female black lab mix.  She arrived in the program on 1-31-20.  If you would be interested in adopting Lucy Belle when she completes the program, please contact her Rescue, House of Hope Animal Rescue, at

Week 1.  Lucy Belle has spent the week becoming familiar with her new environment.  As soon as she is settled in, her Handler will begin her training.

Week 2.  Lucy Belle is an amazingly sweet young girl.  She loves people and the other dogs.  She knows nothing with regards to basic obedience and training, hence her being assigned to our program.  She seems to be very intelligent and loving.

Week 3. Lucy Belle is a very happy young pup with a lot of spirit and eagerness to learn.  She has not shown any food or resource guarding issues.  She loves people and does well with some of the other dogs.  However, if another dog barks at her, she will respond in same.  Lucy is learning very well and is picking up on her cues/commands very fast.  She loves to play with her toys.  She is very good with strangers (very sociable).

Week 4.  Lucy Belle continues to do well.  She is definitely a people-lover.  Her Handler is working on her basic cues/commands, which is all new to her.  But she is very intelligent and eager to learn.  She is playing well with the other dogs, but for now she remains leashed when playing (still too new to play off-leash).