Maggie is a 1 year old female hound mix.  She arrived 9/1/2021.  Maggie is described as showing some resource guarding issues (food, toys,crate) and general basic manners (e.g. leash pulling).  If you are interested in adopting Maggie after she completes her training, please contact her Rescue, Operation Paws for Homes at

Week 1.  Maggie just arrived on Wednesday.  Right now she is shy and somewhat afraid of her new surroundings.  She has shown an eagerness to meet the people in the housing unit, and plays well with the other dogs (no off leash playing for any of the dogs the first couple weeks).  She does bark if you try to approach or feed her by reaching over her head.  You need to get to her level to meet and feed her.  Right now there is no active training for at least a week so she can get situated and comfortable in her new environment.

Week 2.  Maggie has started to adapt to her new surroundings.  She loves playing with the other dogs (good interaction and play manners).  So far she only has shown reactivity (barking) when she is in her crate and someone accidently bumps into her crate.  Her Handler will start working with her on basic obedience, commands/cues once she has fully settled.

Week 3.  Maggie is a sweet, loving and playful dog.  She seeks attention from any and all people and adores playing in the yard with the other dogs (she loves to have other dogs chase her).  Her Handler is working daily on her cues/commands.  She's not quite there yet.  She will thrive with an adopter that has time for her to continue to build her confidence and trust.

Week 4.  Maggie loves both people and dogs.  She is extremely active and would do best in a very active and family who loves advertures.  She's only a year old so she still has a lot of puppy energy.  Her Handler continues to work with her on her cues/command.  She's improving but still needs work.  She is "high speed" all the time.  Still looking for an "off switch" :-)

Week 5.  Maggie did well this week.  She plays with other dogs with no issues.  She absolutely loves to run and can outrun all the other dogs.  And she loves peoople.  She wiill show some resource guarding at the water bowl.  The Handlers leash all the dogs and let them drink the water one by one.  They will then turn the water dish over so there is no conflict.  Her Handler is really beginning the hard work of her learning her cues/commands as well as her barking when anyone walks by the fence.

Week 6.  Maggie is doing very well with both people and the other dogs.  She is still exhibiting some resource guarding with the water dish outside.  Maggie is a sweet dog but, like many hounds, she finds it hard to focus on anything very long.  When she meets people, she gets so excited she sometimes will pee a little.  She is a young, active, playful dog that loves everything and everybody.  She needs to learn to focus and contain her excitement.  She will never be a hunting dog.  When she hears gunshots (the shooting range is just down the street from the housing unit) she immediately runs to her Handler's side.