Maggie is a 2 yr old female Terrier Mix.  She arrived in the program on 12-6-19.  If you would be interested in adopting her after she completes the program, please contact Linda Domer at or 301-800-6102

Week 1.  Maggie is just settling in to her new environment.  Right now she is scared of everything and everyone.  There is nothing to report at this time.  She needs to get comfortable with her surroundings before any training can start.

Week 2.  Maggie is still a little shy when inside the housing unit.  When she is outside she plays and runs around with the other dogs.  And she absolutely LOVES to lay in people's laps. Training hasn't started because she is still settling in.  She does, however, walk well with her Handler when on the leash.

Week 3.  Maggie is a real sweety.  Inside she is still a little fearful and shy.  However, outside she like to play and run around.  She enjoys playing with the other dogs.  And she will go with anyone as long as they are going outside.  She loves people and other dogs.  Her Handler is working with sit and down and she is doing good with both.  She is an adorable, sweet girl who just needs to learn that no one is going to hurt her.  Once she has that trust, she wlll be a great addition to any family.

Week 4.  Maggie is starting to show progress in the housing unit.  The noise still scares her but she is starting to feel comfortable.  Maggie loves to play with other dogs and people when she is outside.  She has learned the sit cue/command, but still trying to master the others.  Maggie is a sweet and loving little girl who just needs to build up her confidence and learn to trust  that people will not hurt her.  She has so much love to give!

Week 5.  Maggie likes to play outside with the other dogs as well as the other handlers.  She is still afraid of the noise in the housing unit.  With new places and people, she is still fearful, but does start to relax after a few minutes.  She is such a sweet and wonderful little girl who will need more time to begin to feel comfortable with the noises and sounds inside.  Outside she is very happy and relaxed.

Week 6.  Maggie is a great dog who is showing improvement every day.  She loves to play with other dogs and she really does like people.  She still is shy about meeting new people, but it only takes her a few minutes to begin to feel comfortable with them.  She is really doing well with her "sit" and "down".  For some reason, she is still a bit afraid of the leash, but she is showing improvement. The best thing about Maggie is she's beginning to show a little trust in people that they will not hurt her.  She still is carrying some emotional baggage, but we are seeing improvement!!

Week 7.  Maggie continues to show improvement.  She is still a little shy and timid inside the housing unit, but is showing interest interacting with the other dogs.  Outside Maggie is a happy little girl who loves to play with the other dogs and is less intimated by people.  Maggie has such a sweet nature about her, you just can't help but love her and want to protect her.

Week 8.  Sweet Maggie is showing more of her real personality each week.  While she is still a bit nervous and shy, she is more open to approaching strangers on her own.  Maggie is one of the sweetest dogs we've ever had in the program and is going to make a wonderful companion when she has completely learned to trust and approach new locations more comfortably.  She is great with the other dogs and loves to run and play with them in the yard.  She is a real favorite!

Week 9.  Maggie is showing remarkable progress.  She is approaching people and plays very well with the other dogs outside.  She is gaining confidence by the day, and is just the sweetest girl ever!!  For some unknown reason, she becomes frightened and nervous when she is on the leash.  Not sure why, but her Handler is working with her to eliminate her fear while on leash.