Mayzee is a 2 yr old female Boxer/Corgi mix.  She arrived in the program 7-26-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Mazyee when she completes the program, please contact her Rescue, Pugh Zoo Rescue at

Week 2.  Mayzee has settled in to the prison life extremely well after only 2 weeks.  She is an absolute sweetheart!  She loves all the dogs and all the people she meets.  Mayzee hates to be alone, so she will look for a toy to play with until her handler returns. She is a very social girl, who will go up to people for affection. And everyone absolutely loves her special "bark"!  She yodels instead of barking :-)  So incredibly funny!!  She came into the program to gain confidence and learn basic manners, and she is progressing extremely well in both areas.  Right now she has great manners and listens very well, unless she thinks you are playing.  All she needs is to learn to focus better.  And she doesn't mind sharing her toys with other dogs or people.  We expect Mayzee to find her furever home very quickly :-)  Her favorite thing in the world is PLAYING!!  

Week 3.  Mayzee is truly the party girl!  She adores play time with ANY of the dogs.  With regards to her manners, she still is having trouble focusing if another dog is around.  She just loves to play!!  She has no issues with either dogs or people.  She's a sweet, young dog who just needs to learn to "curb her enthusiasm" and learn to focus on her human.  Her Handler is working on that behavior.  She also needs something to keep her occupied when she's along.  She's not destructive, just bored with a lot of energy.  Her Handler is also working on getting her to relax.  She is a wonderful girl who wants everyone to be her friend!!