Mea is a 5 yr old, female Pointer Mix.  She arrived 12-28-2018.  If you are interested in adopting Mea, please contact her Rescue, Tara's House Animal Rescue, at

Week 24.  MEA IS READY FOR HER FUREVER HOME!  She is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs we have ever had in the program.  She loves people and dogs.  There is nothing negative that can be said of our sweet Mea.  She looks to people to protect her, and she will love you unconditionally.  She would do very well with another dog in the home.  She is a great teacher for the less-behaved dogs and will correct them in a motherly way.  She has been a great teaching asset to many of the other dogs in the program who have not learned to "play nice" with other dogs.  She knows all her cues/commands very well.  We LOVE Mea and can't wait for her to be paroled to her furever home!

Week 25.  Mea is absolutely the sweetest dog that loves to be loved.  She has no reactivity to other dogs or people, and doesn't know the meaning of the words resource guarding.  She is one of the most loving dogs, and would do well in any home environment.  Mea would do well on a home environment that does not have a lot of activity.  And she would do great with another dog.  Please consider Mea to join your family!!

Week 26.  Sweet Mea keeps waiting for someone to call their own.  She is and has been ready for her furever home.  She's relaxed with people and other dogs.  She is simply a LOVE and anyone who adopts her will be very, very lucky.

Week 27.  Oh sweet girl Mea.  We KNOW there is someone out there who would love to give you your furever home.  She has waited so patiently, doing everything that is asked of her.  Now all she is asking for is a loving, furever home!!  Mea is such a sweet, loving girl.  Surely there is someone waiting for her???

Week 28.  Mea is still waiting patiently for a home to call her own.  She is ready to give all her love to her very own family.  She promises to love her family furever.  What more could you ask???

Week 29.  Sweet, sweet Mea is wondering what more does she have to do to find her very own loving home??  Unlike the scared girl who came into this program, Mea has blossomed into a happy, confident, and playful dog.  She would do great in any home environment.  She loves people and other dogs.  She would love to have a canine brother or sister.  She's just waiting to find the people and home that will love her unconditionally :-)

Week 30.  Mea is READY for her furever home.  She is perfect with all people and all dogs.  She has such a sweet demeanor.  She knows all her cues/commands.  She is patient and loving.  She's a great teacher to dogs that don't have good manners.  Mea has come so very far in the program and really deserves her own family to love.  Please take a close look at our sweet girl :-)

Week 31.  Sweet, loving Mea is waiting for her furever home and family.  There is nothing negative you can say about her.  She loves people, dogs, and would surely do well with kids (probably 7 and older).  She is a true lover and would do anything just to get love and attention.  She is perfection.  She arrived a scared and timid girl, and is now a happy, confident, loving girl.  She would do well in any home environment (apartment, townhouse, single family home).  We want our girl to get her furever family and home NOW!!  She has waited all her life to be a loving companion :-)

Week 32.  Keeping our fingers and toes crossed that Mea will be in her own home very soon.  She is such a happy dog.  She has progressed leaps and bounds from the dog who entered the program and was afraid of every sound, person, movement, etc.  Mea is now an extremely confident girl who deserves her own family and home!!!

Week 33.  As always, Mea is perfection.  Seeing her become the happy and confident girl she is now is the best reward.  SHE IS READY!!!!!

Week 34.  WHERE IS MEA'S PERSON/FAMILY???  She is ready and willing to leave the program and settle into her furever home!!  There is nothing more for her to learn.  She knows everything!!