Millie is a 3 yr. old female Treeing Walker Hound.  She arrived 9-27-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Millie when she completes the program, please contact her Rescue, Friends Fur Life Rescue, at

Week 1.  Millie has been with her Handler for a week now and he says she is a real sweetheart.  Based on what he's observed, Millie tends to be a bit afraid of the outdoors.  She is starting to interact and play with some of the dogs and appears to be more comfortable being in the yard when another dog is with her.  Until she can interact with another dog, she appears to be timid and won't stray from her Handler's side..  Obviously Millie is not dog reactive and she loves attention from people.  She's also starting to feel more comfortable leash walking around the yard with her Handler.  Once she becomes more comfortable with everything going on around her, we are sure her true happy self will shine through.  Sadly, she's just one of so many hounds we get in the program that are terrified of the world.  Thankfully, we have great success in turning these dogs into happy, balanced companions.

Week 2.  Millie seems to be settling in very well.  She and River love to play.  She also is interacting with the other dogs as well.  She's not showing as much timidness when she is outdoors.  Now that she knows the people and the other dogs, she's beginning to ler her real personality show.  And that personality is a sweet, loving, playful girl.  She easily approaches people for affection.  She shows zero signs of resource/food/toy reactivity. 

Week 3.  Millie continues to show signs of fear/anxiety when she is outside. When in the yard, it's like she's overwhelmed and pulls to get back to the safety of her crate/cell.  She is good with people and other dogs but can revert to fear if too overwhelmed with either.  Millie's biggest issue right now (other than her fear/anxiety) is her leash walking outside.  She will not walk on a leash outside.  For some reason she is extremely afraid of all the sounds outside.  However, when she is inside the housing unit, she will walk perfectly fine.  Her anxiety is definitely related to something that happened to her outside. 

Week 4.  Millie is starting to show improvement as to her going outside.  She still doesn't like the outside, but once you get her out, she seems to start relaxing more.  She is still most comfortable when inside the housing unit, but she is showing signs of letting go of her fearfulness when outside.  Millie is very friendly towards the other dogs, and her Handler says as she spends more time with him and in the environment, she is showing signs of coming out of her shell.  Her Handler knows she needs patience and to move at a speed she is comfortable (if forced, she will revert backwards).  Millie needs it slow and at the pace she is most comfortable.  She is wonderful with people and loves to give the traditional "hound hug".  She really is a sweetheart and she is slowly starting to get comfortable with herself.  And she is starting to play more with her Handler.   Millie needs time and lots of love to get her through her anxieties.

Week 5.  Millie is starting to really open up now.  She is interacting more and more each day.  She loves walking around the housing unit visiting people.  Her Handler thinks the more she's out and about the faster she will be come comfortable.  She is neither people or dog reactive and shows no signs of any resource guarding.  Millie has very good manners and she loves to play with other dogs that are willing to play with her.  She has a very sweet personality and is starting to really enjoy the attention she gets.

Week 6.  Millie is doing really well.  She is starting to open up to both people and other dogs.  She is starting to be more comfortable with her surroundings.  Her behavior and manners are always good.  Millie is starting to show her real personality (which is great).  She still is a little nervous and timid when she is out in the yard.  And she loves to play, right now mostly with people but starting to enjoy the others dogs.

Week 7.  Millie continues to show progress.  She's exhibiting less fear when she is out in the yard, but is still much more comfortable when inside (kinda topsy-turvy for a hound).  It's always magical when a fearful, frightened dog starts to show their real personality, as Millie is doing.  She is a super sweet girl who just adores attention from people.  She is also showing more interest in joining playtime with the other dogs.  

Week 8.  Since Millie first arrived, she has shown remarkable improvement with her confidence and she is more open.  Her behavior is A1 100%.  She's not people or dog reactive and has no resource guarding issues.  As for her manners, Millie has had good manners from Day 1.  She knows her basic cues/commands.  When it comes to food or treats, Millie gets so excited she will start dancing!!  With regards to leash walking, she is great when inside the housing unit.  Once she gets outside and walks a distance from the housing unit, she will start pulling to go back inside.  She still is timid when outside but think with training and building her confidence, this issue will resolve in time.  And when  it comes to playtime, ANYTIME is playtime for Millie.  She loves to engage with anyone and everyone who will play with her.

Week 9.  Handlers were given a "pass" for journals this week due to Thanksgiving.

Week 10.  Millie is pretty much "out of her shell".  She is happy and playful with the other dogs and loves attention from anyone that will give it to her.  She's doing better when outside in the yard, but occasionally still showing a bit of timidness.  Her Handler states that Millie is "100% friendly with everyone".  Her manners are good and she's showing great improvement on all of her cues/commands (sit, down, wait, stay, leash walking).  Millie appears to be able to trust people and not hide like she did when she arrived.  She's great with people she knows, and strangers just need to be patient so she knows no one is going to hurt her.  She is one of the rare hounds that much prefers being inside rather than outside!!

Week 11.  Millie continues to show great improvement and is not the same scared dog when she entered the program.  She loves to interact with other dogs and people.  She is a non-stop playmate to any dog that will engage with her.  She still is a little tentative when she's outside, but inside she is 100% relaxed and playful.  She's pretty close to being ready to find her furever family, especially to someone who wants/needs an inside dog.

Week 12.  Millie is doing extremely well.  She's coming out of her shell more and more every day.  She is great with other dogs and loves people.  She is also doing very well with all her cues/commands.  She still is a little hesitant when outside on the leash.  She does fine inside but still a bit nervous outside.  She is a happy and playful girl.  Her Handler says the best thing about Millie is how well she interacts with people and dogs.  He also thinks Millie would do well in any home environment (adults, children, other dogs).  She just needs a little more confidence when she is outside on a leash.

Week 13.  Millie is much more comfortable now that she has been here for a few weeks.  Her real personality is starting to shine.  She is a very happy girl who loves people and the other dogs. Her confidence and behavior is 100% good with everyone (people and dogs).  She has very good manners.  She's still working on her leash walking outside and is still startled by loud noises and wants to run back inside. . As stated early on, she is a hound who muchy prefers being inside vs. outside. She is most comfortable outside whe she can run around and play with the other dogs.  Whoever adopts Millie will need to be patient and work with her at her pace on leash walking outside.

Week 14.  Millie is doing great and should be ready for her furever home very soon.  She loves people and dogs.  She has great manners and is starting to learn how to walk on a leash.  Millie has really turned around and is no longer the scared little girl that came into the program.  We feel Millie would do well in any home environment.  Makes us so very happy to see a broken dog become a happy, loving and confident companion.