Millie is a 3 yr. old female Treeing Walker Hound.  She arrived 9-27-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Millie when she completes the program, please contact her Rescue, Friends Fur Life Rescue, at

Week 1.  Millie has been with her Handler for a week now and he says she is a real sweetheart.  Based on what he's observed, Millie tends to be a bit afraid of the outdoors.  She is starting to interact and play with some of the dogs and appears to be more comfortable being in the yard when another dog is with her.  Until she can interact with another dog, she appears to be timid and won't stray from her Handler's side..  Obviously Millie is not dog reactive and she loves attention from people.  She's also starting to feel more comfortable leash walking around the yard with her Handler.  Once she becomes more comfortable with everything going on around her, we are sure her true happy self will shine through.  Sadly, she's just one of so many hounds we get in the program that are terrified of the world.  Thankfully, we have great success in turning these dogs into happy, balanced companions.

Week 2.  Millie seems to be settling in very well.  She and River love to play.  She also is interacting with the other dogs as well.  She's not showing as much timidness when she is outdoors.  Now that she knows the people and the other dogs, she's beginning to ler her real personality show.  And that personality is a sweet, loving, playful girl.  She easily approaches people for affection.  She shows zero signs of resource/food/toy reactivity.