Missy is a 3-4 yr old female lab/hound/corgi mix.  She arrived in the program on 1-11-20.  If you would be interested in adopting Missy when she completes the program, please contact her Rescue, Worthy Dog Rescue, at https://worthydog.org/adopt/adoption-process/

Week 1.  Missy appears to have issues trusting people.  A person needs to approach her slowly, and show her you want to create a bond.  Her Handler has already created that bond of trust in a matter of 2 days.  Once she accepts you she becomes a very loving little dog.  Her Handler said "what was described to him as a little monster has, after just 1 week, turned into a sweet and loving Angel".   Her Handler has descovered Missy has separation issues.  If he leaves the cell for more than a few minutes, she will start barking.  He has started working with her, and he is seeing improvement.  Missy does not appear to have any food, toy or resource guarding issues. She does become tense when she meets new people.  After the 3rd meeting, she is much calmer and trusting of the person.  Her Handler is trying to introduce her to a new person every day.  Missy knows "sit" and "down".  She does appear to have some sensitivity with her paws.  She is also very good walking on a leash with just a collar.  The only time she pulls is when she has to go potty.  When her Handler does off-leash walking, she never goes more than 20 feet from him and her recall is instant.  She does tend to want to protect the cell, until she is familiar with the people.  Her magic number appears to be "3".  Let her meet people 3 times and she's A-Ok.

Week 2.  Missy has made very significant progress.  She now interacts with people every day and is less shy about meeting new people.  Once she has met someone 2 or 3 times, she eagerly will give them her belly to rub.  She also loves to play with the other dogs. If they crowd her or are playing too rough, Missy will check them but will not escalate the situation (good mommy manners).  She has no resource/food guarding issues.  She will alert if someone knocks on the cell door but as soon as she see's who it is, she is fine.  She still has some separation issues.  She barks and whines, but is not destructive.  Her Handler is working with her on this behavior.  Missy knows sit and down, is excellent with leash walking, and when off-leash, she won't go further than 20 feet away from whoever is walking with her.  Missy has become the Housing Unit "Mascot" - "Everyone Loves Missy". Missy would do well in a settled home with adults or older children, and would love to have someone home with her.  

Week 3.  Sweet Missy has turned into an attention addict.  She will go to anyone, anywhere to solicit attention and belly rubs.  She will shy away from people who approach her (possibly fearing they may hurt her), but will readily approach people.  She is truly learning to trust people which shows her real personality of sweetness and love.  She does well with the other dogs.  She walks around with them and pretty much ignores them.  If one of the dogs jumps in her face, she will check them.  She really is more a people dog than a dog's dog.  Missy is very good at alerting if a stranger is around.  She does very well with leash walking with either a collar or harness.  She has also mastered the cues/commands sit, down and wait.  She is still dealing with some separation anxiety but is showing progress.  She isn't destructive, just barks.

Week 4.  Missy is doing great with the exception of her barking when her Handler leaves the cell.  She is perfectly fine so long as she is with someone.  Missy interacts with 86-90 people every day and always greets them with a wagging tail.  She loves being rubbed under her chin and her belly.  She still is a bit jumpy around fast movements.  Missy knows her cues/commands sit and down, and occasionally will give paw.  She's not too fond of people she's not familiar touching her feet (no biting, just pulls back).  Her Handler is working to desensitize her.  Missy is not terribly interested in playing with the other dogs, but is not reactive to them.  She much prefers the company of humans.  Whoever adopts her will need to ensure they spend the time to develop the bond she craves.  Missy would do very well if someone is home with her most of the time.  She doesn't require a lot of exercise, so she would be very well suited for an older person/couple who love to take walks.

Week 5.  This was not a great week for Missy.  For some reason, she snapped at a few people.  She may be starting to "guard" her Handler.  The noisy environment may be starting to get to her.  She will bark at anything she can't see.  Once she sees what is making the noise, she quiets down.  Her Handler is addressing both of these issues.