Joe Joe (formerly Niffler)

Joe Joe is a 2 yr. old male Boxer/Hound mix.  He arrived 8/4/21.  He is described as fearful of everything (thunder, loud noises, new situations, etc.).  He appears to need some good old fashion confidence building.  He will learn the world is not a scary place but rather a place that is fun and has much love to give him.  If you are interested in adopting Joe Joe after he completes the program, please contact his Rescue, Operation Paws for Homes at

Week 1.  Joe Joe is an extremely frightened and timid dog. He has struggled his first week in the prison (new environment, lots of activity, lots of new people, loud noises).  He is extremely friendly and sweet but at times he is paralized by his fear.  He really likes being around the other dogs, which seems to help him relax.  He has, however shown the ability to warm up to people, but it takes time.  He has little to no trust of people which makes it difficult for him not to be afraid of you.  He does seem to prefer women over men.  Joe Joe will require a lot of patience and TLC but with time his handler seems to think Joe Joe will become more comfortable.  Also, he seems to be more comfortable when he is outside, surely because there is less activity, and room to run.  He has shown no signs of reactivity or resource guarding.

Week 2.  Joe Joe has been slowly but surely coming along.  It's a slow process, and he is still very timid and frightened by loud noises, but he is showing definite signs that his confidence is improving.  Joe Joe is much more comfortable outside than inside.  He becomes such a happy dog running around the yard and interacting with the other dogs. There is a lot less noise and activity outside which makes him less afraid.  He loves to play with his tennis ball but seems to really enjoy the company of another dog.  He is still fearful of new people but is definitely showing progress.  He simply doesn't trust new people and tends to shy away.  If he can spend just a little time with them, he calms down and becomes less afraid.  His needs are relatively easy to define.  Something in his background has taught him to mistrust people (often a sign of abuse).  He knows his basic commands of sit, stay/wait, down and will give you his paw.

Week 3.  Joe Joe is showing great progress/improvement each day.  He's still timid but you can see  his confidence is increasing.  He loves being outside and learns very quickly.  He's a very smart and easy-going dog. He would do wonderful in a quiet home without a lot of activity or chaos.  You can see him really working hard to trust people, and with time he will overcome most of his fear and lack of confidence.  He really is such a sweet dog.

Week 4.  Joe Joe is gaining confidence on a daily basis.  He still has a way to go as far as his fearfulness is concerned, but he is definitely beginning to get used to his environment.  Joe Joe is very comfortable when he is outside, but when indoors he still struggles with the loud noises and the amount of activity around him.  He also is terrified of direct eye contact.  The more time Joe Joe spends around someone, he begins to relax and allow himself to enjoy the attention.  People just have to be extremely patient with him and allow him to get to know you on his timetable.  It will happen. Plenty of love and affection, in addition to patience are the keys to forming a bond with Joe Joe.  He loves to chase his ball and is extremely playful and fun to be around.  He really enjoys the other dogs, and they enjoy him.  He can get a ittle testy with another dog if the dog is too pushy, or in his face too much.  Joe Joe is not at all reactive.  He knows sit, down, wait, stay and paw.  His Handler is continuing to work on his leash walking.

Week 5.  Joe Joe is continuing to do well.  He has done an amazing job coming out of his shell and being receptive to other people..  He is an extremely obedient dog.  He listens well to commands, has amazinfg focus, and learns very quickly.  Joe Joe is still a very timid dog (and may be that way his entire life).  But, he is showing more confidence each day.  Joe Joe is a very sweet and loving dog.  He loves to be rubbed and truly enjoys being outside.  Once he has warmed up to a new person, he becomes a different dog, showing more affection and confidence.  He will definitely need someone who can be patient with him and let him make the decision when he feels comfortable.  Early on he may have some trust issues, but if his adopter takes their time and let's him get comfortable, they will be rewarded by seeing an completely different dog.  Joe Joe is not reactive at all.  He will get a little snappy with another dog if they become to pushy or "in your face".  He prefers to be the one to initiate play.  And lastly, I have to say Joe Joe ADORES HIS HANDLER!  There is nothing this dog won't do for him.  And, when adopted, he will be the same, so long as the adopter gives him time.  It's hard to believe this is the same dog that came into the prison 5 weeks ago, panicking and doing everything in his power to get away.  Truly an amazing transformation.  Love, space, patience and time are the keys.  Not  just for Joe Joe, but any newly adopted dog.

Week 6.  Joe Joe is a very sweet and loving dog who is also very shy and timid.  He is definitely gaining confidence every day since he arrived. He LOVES to play outside and is very social with the people and the dogs.  His comfort level skyrockets when  meeting new people outside. Joe Joe is a very intelligent dog and listens extremely well to commands.  He loves to chase tennis balls (6 new balls coming in on October 6, supply replenishment day).  He also loves chasing rope toys (4 new ones also coming in on October 6). Joe Joe gets along very well with the other dogs and loves to run and play with them, but he does have his limits.  He doesn't like when other dogs start playing very rough.  He woud be best suited as an only dog, but his Handler believes with the right resident dog, he would do well.  Joe Joe is a dog that will need time to adapt to a new environment (the 3, 3, 3 Rule needs to be followed, not just for Joe Joe but all newly adopted dogs). Once he feels comfortable with his new surroundings and the new people, you will then see what a sweet and loving dog Joe Joe is.  Joe Joe does not show any reactivity to people and only to dogs that are too "pushy" and rough with him; he will check them. Joe Joe has very good manners.  Still working with him to overcome his fear.  That's the only thing that prevents him from listening (when he's really scared).

Week 7.  Joe Joe is getting more and more confident by the day.  He has really begun to adapt to his environment and has become a little more comfortable with his surroundings as each day passes.  He really enjoys his time outside more than any other time of the day.  He still struggles inside, but it has more to do with the constant and loud noises and sounds, rather than him just being uncomfortable with his surroundings.  Joe Joe has slowly but surely warmed up to multiple people, and has shown the ability to trust more people than just his Handler.  To be clear, he is still s very timid and frightened dog, but his Handler believes, based on all of his behaviors he has shown thus far, he would do very well in a home environment where he wouldn't have to deal with the constant noises and activity.  Once comfortable, Joe Joe shows just how extremely smart, obedient and lovinf he really is.  He would make a wonderful companion who knows how to be patient and let him make the decision when he is comfortable.  Joe Joe is not reactive.  He is very friendly with people and dogs.  He can get a little testy when another dog is too aggressive or too rough.  He would do very well with another dog that knows and understand doggy etiquette and manners.  Joe Joe has extremely good manners.  He knows sit, down, wait, stay and paw.  His improvements have truly been remarkable to watch.

Week 8.  Joe Joe is a kind and loving dog that is very timid and afraid of new people and new surroundings.  Since joining the program, Joe Joe has been doing a great job of trying to overcome his fears.  It is apparent that he most likely will never fully overcome these issues, but he has shown the absolute ability to warm up to and become comfortable with multiple people.  He's the kind of dog that has to make the first move when meeting new people.  He truly wants to be friends with new people but he just needs to know first that the person will not hurt him.  It's all about patience and trust. Once he's gained that trust, he becomes such a loving and affectionate dog.  He adores being outside playing with all his toys.  Once he is comfortable, he is very treat motivated, which makes training easier.  Joe Joe has really good manners.  Responds ro commands very well.  Recall is outstanding.  He know sit, down, wait, stay and is okay at loose leash walking unless he is startled or there is a loud noise, which can lead to him to pull.  

Week 9.  Joe Joe is continuing to do well and show great progress.  He has opened up a lot since joining our program; howevewr, he is still very much afraid and very timid. Joe Joe has absolutely shown the ability to warm op to new people, but it takes time and the person must be patient with him.  He definitely has trust issues, but he has shown he can get past those issues with time.  When relaxed, Joe Joe is extremelly treat motivated.  He is at his most relaxed when he is outside.  He loves to play outside and he actually does much better interacting with people when outside.  He enjoys playing with rope toys and tennis balls.  He is really sweet and affectionate and SMART.  He listens extremely well.  All his good qualities reveal themselves once he becomes comfortable with his environment.  When he is scared (loud noise, a lot of activity going on around him) he tends to shut down.  Give him the time and patience he needs and he will warm up and act just as normal and friendly as any dog you'll ever meet.  He has no reactivity to people or dogs but he needs time to warm up to them (just like new people).  Overall, he plays well with other dogs, but if they start getting to rough for him, he will check them or just leave the play group.  Joe Joe has very good manners.  He walks on a leash well, but in the confines of the prison yard he does better when off leash.  He's mastered all the normal cues/commands (sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, etc.).  Joe Joe would do great in a family setting.  He would be at his best with children 10 or older.  He needs to be with people who will understand he needs time and patience in order to build that so important trust.  He would do best with 1 or 2 people in a relatively calm and quiet environment.  He seems to bond a little quicker with females and, once he has that trust, he will be the very best cuddle dog and companion.