Oakley is a 6 yr. old male Shepherd/Lab mix.  He arrived in the program 2-15-2019.  If you are interested in adopting Oakley, please contact his Rescue, Safe Shelter Inc. at safeshelterinc@yahoo.com or https://www.petfinder.com/member/us/md/flintstone/safe-shelter-inc-md244/

Week 18.  Oakley is ready to find his furever home.  He is a wonderful dog whose energy defies his age.  Oakley absolutely loves all people.  He would, however, have to be an only dog.  While he is reactive to other dogs, since he's been in the program, he can be easily redirected when he reacts to another dog.  Oakley is a very handsome and loving dog.  We can't wait for him to find his furever home!!

Week 19.  Oakley is continuing to do well and is ready for his furever home.  He is doing much better redirection from other dogs and he absolutely ADORES people!  He would make a great addition to any home, but would have to be the only dog.  He knows his cues/commands very well.  Oakley so deserves his own family!!

Week 20.  Oakley is patiently waiting for his furever home and family.  He will make a wonderful addition to any home.  He is easily redirected from other dogs and is very good with all his cues/commands.  All he needs in his people to love him!!

Week 21.  Can't say much more about Oakley that has not already been said in previous weeks.  He loves people.  He would have to be an only dog, but he's more than enough!!  I know there are many people who would love to have a single dog, and if that is you, he's your boy.  Oh, and did I say he LOVES people :-)

Week 22.  Oakley is now tolerating other dogs.  He still would have to be the only dog, but is reactivity to other dogs has improved greatly.  And most importantly, he can easily be redirected from other dogs.  But boy, does he loves people.  Oakley has never met a person he didn't love.  And he loves a good ball to run and fetch.  Add to that he is a remarkable handsome boy.  That's our Oakley!!

Week 23.  Oakley is still waiting for his special person/family.  He is such a love bug and truly a very handsome boy.  A puppy at heart.  Even as an only dog, he will surely be a great addition to any loving home :-)

Week 24.  Oakley is doing so well ignoring and avoiding the other dogs.  Today there were dogs within 4 feet of him, and he was completely focused on his Handler and the treats.  This is such an improvement for our big, beautiful boy.  Oakley adores people and would make a wonderful companion.  He just needs to be the only dog.  He is patiently awaiting someone to call his own.

Week 25.  No one can understand why Oakley has not been snatched up.  Sure, he needs to be the only dog in the home, but he just ADORES people!!  He knows all his cues/commands (sit, down, wait, leash walking).  And because he is so treat motivated, he can be easily redirected from reacting to other dogs.  Our little puppy Bridgett was able to sniff him and he didn't react.  Oakley would do great in an active home and would do best with kids 12 or older, due to his size.  Please take a look at Oakley.  He has so much love to give!!

Week 26.  Still waiting for someone to realize what a great dog Oakley is.  He's waiting for that special person/couple/family, and we all know they are out there somewhere.  He is such an amazing dog and wants nothing more than to be with people.  He is extremely treat motivated, which makes training and behavior easy to manage.  He can now very easily be redirected from reacting to other dogs, and will sit and watch them without becoming overly excited or reactive.  He is such a loving dog that wants nothing more than to have his own family.  He has waiting long enough to belong :-)

Week 27.  Oakley is still patiently waiting for his furever home.  He has learned everything asked of him and is such an amazingly smart and focused dog.  He loves all people.  And redirection from other dogs is easily managed.  All Oakley wants now is his own home :-)

Week 28.  Where is Oakley's furever person/family??  He is ready and willing to go.  He has nothing more to learn in the program.  All he needs is a home to call his own.  WHERE IS OAKLEY'S PERSON/FAMILY???