Reiki is a 6 yr old female lab mix.  She arrived in the program 5-10-2019.  If you would be interested in adopting Reiki when she completes the program, please contact her Rescue, House of Hope, at

Week 6.  Reiki is a sweet, loving, people-pleasing dog.  Every human she meets is a potential friend who will give her treats :-)  Her Handler is working to help her shed a few of the extra pounds.  Reiki is still exhibiting dog reactivity.  She's ok with other dogs until they get too close to her.  Her Handler can call her off and she will obey.  Except for her dog reactivity, which we believe can be resolved with work, Reiki is a complete Love Bug!!

Week 7.  Reiki is a great laid back dog.  She is happy to be fed and rubbed.  She adores people, but is still quite reactive to other dogs.  She can see the other dogs and be okay, but if they get too close she reacts.  She's been having some allergy problems, so we're limiting her time outside.  Several of the handlers take her out and walk with her every day.  Her handler continues to work on her reactivity, but until the allergies subside, she's happy to stay inside where it's also a little cooler.

Week 8.  Reiki is a wonderful, loving girl.  She's basically a home girl and doesn't need much in the way of activity or exercise.  She still needs to lose a few pounds, but other than that, she is a complete love muffin.  Her handler continues to work on her dog reactivity, and she is beginning to show a little progress.

Week 9.  Reiki's handler is starting to up her exercise to help her shed some pounds.  She needs to get that girlish figure back.  One think recently noticed by her handler.  She appears to be very protective of him.  If anyone moves too fast towards him she goes into protective mode.  Her handler has started working on this new behavior.  We think she would be a great addition to an older person/couple who would like a dog that doesn't require a lot of exercise and enjoys lots of love and attention.

Week 10.  Reiki is doing very well.  She still is reactive to the other dogs, but when it comes to people, she shines!!  She goes to everyone seeking attention and belly rubs.  Reiki will, most likely, have to be an only dog, but it's still early in the program for her, and she may just surprise everyone :-)  She actually is doing better with the other dogs, but still reacts when they get too close to her face. Her ideal home would be one that has limited activity.  She really is a great couch potato.  She would love to have a relaxed home environment :-)

Week 11.  Reiki continues to do well.  She is a super low activity dog that would like nothing more than to take easy, slow walks, then plop into a bed or couch.  She would be a perfect addition to a low activity home.  She still reacts to other dogs, but primarily when they get too close to her face or in her personal space.  When it comes to people, she will actively search out anyone for attention.  She has never met a person she didn't love :-)

Week 12.  Reiki is a fun loving girl.  She is playful and loves to give and get affection.  She is a very laid back girl that does not require a lot of exercise (although it would help her to be a little more active).  She walks great on a leash.  Her manners are great.  Because she is a mature girl (6+ yrs old), she would be excellent for an empty nest home.  She still is reactive to other dogs, but only if they get too close to her.  She is a sweetheart waiting for her furever home.

Week 13.  Reiki continues to enjoy all the people and goings-on she is experiencing while in the program.  She would be so happy to find a low to moderate activity person or family to call her own.  She doesn't require strenuous exercise, just a few leisurely walks on the leash every day is all she requires.  As the only dog, she would love to snuggle with you while watching TV, reading a good book, or listening to music.  That pretty much sums up Reiki's level of activity. We know the perfect person/couple/family it out there. :-)

Week 14.  Reiki is enjoying her stay at the prison.  She's a happy girl who is content to snuggle as much as you will allow her.  She is getting regular exercise which hopefully is helping her to shed some of that extra weight.  Reiki is well behaved and know all cues/commands.  Her only issue continues to be her reactivity to the other dogs.  She has shown a little improvement but still reacts if another dog gets too close to her or in her "personal space".  

Week 15.  Reiki is a good and well-behaved dog.  She knows all her cues/commands.  She bonds quickly and just needs love and affection.  She''s an easygoing, low energy dog who would do very well in a low activity, quiet home.  She has improved with her dog reactivity and only reacts when another dog gets in her face or close personal space.  She doesn't lunge at the other dogs.  She is looking for her furever home and is ready to be someone's furever companion.

Week 16.  Reiki is doing great.  She is an extremely loving dog and will search out people for affection.  Her dog reactivity continues to improve.  She just needs a low activity, loving home. 

Week 17.  Reiki is such a sweet, loving dog who loves any and all people.  Just like Oakley, she would have to be the only dog, but we are sure there are a ton of people who would love just one easy-going, loving, low-activity dog.  She's here and waiting!!!

Week 18.  Reiki is really pretty much ready to find her furever home.  She is an absolute love with people and perfect for someone who loves to lay around.  She is the perfect couch potato.  She wants to be your one and only and will give so much love in return  :-)

Week 19. Reiki continues to wait for that perfect, loving home.  She is a completely love bug who just wants to cuddle.  We know there is the perfect home just waiting for an easy-going, low-energy love bug.

Week 20.  Where is my family?  Reiki keeps asking and we keep looking.  Not everyone wants or needs a puppy.  Reiki is the perfect companion for someone who just loves to "hang out" and "chill".  Reiki will give you her heart in an instant. And she will take your heart and fill it with love.

Week 21.  Our sweet, gentle, loving Reiki continues to wait for her perfect furever home.  She wants to be your one and only furever companion.  As much love as you will give her, she will return 10-fold.  Adopting a mature dog can fill a hole in your heart that you never knew you had.  Please consider our sweet girl Reiki as your furever companion.