Rookie is a 2 1/2 yr old male Redbone Hound/Chesapeake Retriever mix.  He arrived 9/3/21.  Rookie's issues are described as severe anxiety and fearfulness (lacks confidence and trust).  He adores leash walking.  If you would be interested in adopting Rookie after he completes the program, please contact his Rescue, Montgomery County Animal Care and Control at 

Week 1.  Rookie was very scared when he arrived.  His Handler let him settle for a week.  When we say him on 9/10/21, he seemed a bit calmer.  His leash walking is excellent.  Right now he doesn't do well with any of the other dogs (lack of confidence and new environment most likely)

Week 2.  Rookie is starting to get very comfortable with his Handler in the cell.  He's also starting to come to me in the cell when called by his Handler.  He is very dog reactive.  All the handlers have been trying to work with him and help him interact with the other dogs but so far he is absolutely not having any part of that.  His Handler, along with the other handlers, will continue to try to get him comfortable with the other dogs.  He's still scared/fearful of people and will run away from them.  Sometimes the scared dogs are the hardest to teach.  It may be lack of confidence, not trusting anyone or any other dog.  With time, we hope we can get him more comfortable with people and just maybe lower his reactivity to other dogs.  He is excellent at leash walking.  At this point he will only interact with his Handler.  They work the yard together when the other dogs aren't around.  His Handler says "it's going to be a while before we can even think about adoption.  But I will get him there because I've been there before" 

Week 3.  Rookie is doing much better but he definitely will have to be an only dog.  With people, he loves everyone.  He's a sweet, fun-loving, happy Chessie.  We can't say for sure if anything will change with his dog reactivity, but so far, he has shown aggressive behavior with the other dogs.  But what he lacks in dog etiquette, he makes up for with his love to play and interaction with people.  He seems to be younger than the stated age, as he still exhibits puppy behavior.

Week 4.  Rookie continues to progress with his training.  No improvement with his relationship with the other dogs.  But he is a sweet and loving boy and is beginning to get the "hang of it" and  understand why he's here.  He adores people and is so much fun.  He loves to play in the yard with people but he can also entertain himself.  It's fun to watch him take a ball or rope toy and throw it it in the air.  He is also starting to do much better with his cues/commands.

Week 5.  Rookie is starting to come into his own with the other dogs.  He can walk (on leash of course) with another handler and their dog.  And he has started to walk up to other dogs without reacting negatively (baby steps)..  He still is scared of his indoor surroundings.  Outside he relaxes.  He really doesn't like to come out of his Handler's cell.  When inside the housing unit, his Handler will leave his crate door open so he can test the boundaries outside of his crate.  His actions suggest he was abused at some point in his life.  He likes people but he needs to be the one to approach them.  Rookie has shown no signs of resource guardinf.  His manners are good.  He walks well on a leash and his recall to his Handler is good.  Still working on the other basic cues/commands.  Rookie is basically a very frightened and timid dog who needs to learn trust and self-confidence.  Considering the short time he has been here, he's making good progress, which is what we want to see.  This is a dog that will take a little more time than the others to be ready for adoption.