Rufus is a 5 yr. old, 45 lb. Chocolate Lab.  He arrived 5-15-2019.  If you would be interested in adopting Rufus when he completes the program, please contact his Rescue, Lab Rescue LRC at

Week 6.  Rufus is a happy-go-lucky lab who loves people and dogs.  He came into the program with some separation anxiety issues.  He is showing mprovement in that area, and does well in a crate so long as the door is left open.  When closing the crate door, he still gets anxious and will whimper.  He will relax and settle down once he knows his Handler is near.  Rufus loves interacting with people in order to receive their attention and affection.  He also gets along very well with the other dogs.  He has not exhibited any issues with resource guarding (people, food, toys).  Rufus is showing great improvement with his manners, training, understanding cues/commands and his consistency in responding when cued.