Sam is an almost 2 yr old male Hound/Lab mix.  He arrived 8/4/21.  Sam is a high energy dog that needs to learn basic manners.  He also has some crate and separation anxiety issues which will be addressed.  If you are interested in adopting Sam when he finishes the program, please contact his Rescue.  Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center at

Week 1.  Sam is doing good after a bit of a rough start.  He loves people and will take belly rubs wherever he can get them.  When he first arrived, he wasn't too keen on the other dogs but has made friends with 2 of the other dogs.  At this point, his handler has not observed any behavioral problems (resource guarding, etc.).  Right now he has learned basic commands of sit and down.  His leash walking is pretty good.  Sam is a very high spirited, active dog.

Week 2.  Sam is doing much better with the other dogs.  Not unusual for some reactivity when they first meet new dogs.  All he wants to do now is play with dogs; no reactivity.  His handler is working on his leash manners and jumping on people.  No adverse behavior problems have been seen. He doesn't seem to have any crate anxiety.  He goes in and has stayed while his handler is at chow.  Sam is also working on his basic commands (sit, stay, wait, leave it, etc.)

Week 3.  Sam is a very happy dog with lots of energy.  He's great with people and loves playing with the other dogs.  He definitely needs work on basic obedience and hasn't shown any evidence of  separation or crate anxiety.  When ready to be adopted, he will most definitely enjoy an active home.

Week 4.  Sam is making vert good progress.  He is great with people but is a little more particular with some of the dogs (dog selective).  He's making progress (slowly :-) ) with his basic commands (he has a little bit of a stubborn streak I think).  He learned to play fetch this week and absolutely loves it!!

Week 5.  Sam is doing very well.  He LOVES people but is particular with the dogs he interacts with.  Sam is excellent with his cues/commands (sit, down, wait, stay, leash walking).  He loves playing fetch and definitely would need to be with an active adopter.  

Week 6.  Sam continues to improve, especially with his separation anxiety.  He's learning his commands/cues (sit, down, wait, stay, leash walking).  Sam loves people (will greet everyone one by one in a room or outside.  It's like he has to get affection from everyone!  He is a little picky with some of the dogs in the program (he has his favorites and his "dont likes" (e.g. dog selective).  He is a very active dog who will need an active family life.  And since he's learned to play fetch, that is one of his very most favorite activities.

Week 7.  Same is doing very well with his commands, but if he comes in contact or sees birds, all bets are off.  He loves to chase any and all birds.  Sam loves all people and loves to go to each individual person to get belly rubs.  Sam enjoys some of the dogs, others not so much.  I guess you could say he's dog selective.  He's making progress with his good manners and cues/commands, but his prey drive of birds may tend to make him lose his concentration.  Sam is a very high energy and adventurous dog and would do well with a very active person/family.

Week 8.  Sam is doing better each day.  He is good with his comand and his Handler is working with his focus on the commands with distractions.  As stated before, he adores people but is selective with his doggy playmates.  He seems to get along better with the females, but not so much with the males.  And his Handler can't stress enough that Sam is a very high energy and active dog.

Week 9.  Sam is doing very well.  His Handler is very proud of the progress Sam has made.  He loves all people and wants to meet everyone.  He still tends to jump on people and try to lick their faces, so his Handler is focusing most of his training in stopping this behavior.  He is very good with his basic cues/commands (sit, down, wait, stay).  He definitely will do best in a very active home environment.  He's such a love bug!