Stella is a 1 yr old female Labradoodle.  She arrived in the program 7-19-19.  If you would be interested in adopting Stella when she completes the program, please contact Linda Domer at or 301-800-6102.

Week 1.  Stella's handler says she is a very loveable dog.  Of course we all knew that! from her previous stay last year  She loves to be around people.  She can be a little put off if another dog gets in her face.  This being her first week, she is still getting used to all the new people and dogs.  When outside, she really wants to get off the leash to play with some of the other dogs.  She has been off leash with a couple of the other dogs and has done fine.  She definitely likes to play.  She has zero signs of resource guarding.  Stella has very good manners.  And she will do anything you ask of her.  She walks on the leash, and responds to her cues/commands.  And she goes from person to person in the housing unit asking for affection :-)

Week 2.  Stella is coming along fine.  When she sees another dog, she immediately wants to play and can sometimes get a bit wild and starts jumping in the air and barking.  Her main priority is to PLAY :-)   She adores both people and dogs.  She's very good with her manners but loses focus if she sees another dog she wants to play with.  Stella loves to interact with people and loves to be pampered.  She's a wild child that just needs to learn she can't play all the time.  But she's a very typical labradoodle in every respect :-)

Week 3.  Stella is trying so hard to get her playfullness and energy under control.  This sweet girl simply cannot help herself when it comes to playtime with the other dogs.  She is a big puppy through and through.  She gets great with both dogs and people.  Her Handler is working very hard to get her to focus.  She is progressing :-)  Stella would really enjoy an active home.