Tillie is a 5 yr old female hound/lab mix.  She arrived in the program 8-23-19.If you would be interested in adopting her when she completes the program, please contact Linda Domer at ldomer84@yahoo.com or 301-800-6102

Week 1.  Tillie is adjusting to her new environment.  New dogs spend the first couple weeks becoming familiar with their new surroundings and people.  Nothing significant to report this week. She responds to cues/commands sit and is learning to loosh leash walk.

Week 2.  Tillie has settled in quite well with her handler and the her new environment.  She is a sweet girl who loves people and affection.  Her handler is beginning to start work on her dog reactivity.  Our trainer is working closely with the handlers who currently have dogs assigned to them who are reactive towards other dogs (we have 3 dogs with the same issue in the program). She alerts with barking whenever people or dogs walk past her home/crate area.

Week 3.  Tillie is a sweet and loving dog who loves attention.  She's still reactive to other dogs but can walk by them without any reaction.  If they get too close (in her personal space) she will definitely react.  Her Handler is working with her to try to desensitize her.  She's still very new to the program.

Week 4.  Tillie is showing great improvement.  Her reactivity to other dogs (the calmer ones) seems to be diminishing, except for those that are very energetic and "in-your-face".  She is still being kept on leash when other dogs are around (they too are on leash).  With people, she is just a sweet, loveable girl who adores attention.   She is very playful and loves to run.  She is also doing very well with her cues/commands.  At this point, we are not allowing other dogs to interact with her, but she does well when the dogs are on leash and sitting with their Handlers.

Week 5.  Tillie is very friendly when meeting people.  Very approachable with no negative reaction to people.  She shows no signs of resource or food aggression/guarding.  Tillie allows her Handler to remove or take away "stolen" items like tissue, socks, shoes, etc.  Her Handler is addressing her "stealing" ways :-)  She continues to be reactive towards other dogs when they are near (5-10 feet).  She is easily redirected by her Handler's commands when she displays dog reactivity.  She knows her cues/commands sit, down, wait and sit-to-stay.  Her leash walking has greatly improved.  She loves to run around the yard.  She also had begun to walk and play with Archer while off-leash.  Sad for her but great for Archer that he was adopted!  But this was a good first step for Tillie.

Week 6.  This week's training occurred in intervals from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.  Training goals for this week were sit-to-say at up to 6 ft., wait, paw (touch).  Tillie is friendly when meeting people.  She is very approachable.  She has not shown any negative reactions towards people nor any signs of resource guarding.  Tillie allows her Handler to remove "stolen" items (e.g. tissues, socks, shoes, dropped food) and is working on her "stealing" issues :-)  She continues to be reactive to other dogs, but now only when they are nearby (within 10 ft.) and she responds to her Handler's commands when redirecting her reactivity.  Her reactivity appears to also be selective, as she actually played off-leash with Archer.  Tillie responds well to her cues/commands (sit, down and wait) and has shown major improvement with her leash walking.

Week 7. This week's training addressed her sit-to-stay at 10 ft. for 20 seconds or more, greeting people without jumping, and "back-the-dog up" to 6 ft.  Her training continues to produce positive results.  Tillie is very friendly when meeting people.  She loves to receive attention and affection.  She still tends to want to jump up when she gets excited meeting new people.    She has improved a great deal with her dog reactivity behavior.  Tillie will ignore and tolerate other dogs, providing they are not within her immediate area (6-10 ft.).  She has begun to understand that negative and aggressive behavior to other dogs is not desired.  She will cease her aggressive behavior when cued to "leave it".

Week 8.  Tillie's Handler continues to address her basic obedience.  She is understanding she cannot jump on people when greeting them.  Her dog reactivituy continues to show improvement and responds to her Handler well when directed to "leave it".  Tillie is a very happy, energetic dog who truly enjoys the company of humans.