Tillie is a 5 yr old female hound/lab mix.  She arrived in the program 8-23-19.If you would be interested in adopting her when she completes the program, please contact Linda Domer at ldomer84@yahoo.com or 301-800-6102

Week 1.  Tillie is adjusting to her new environment.  New dogs spend the first couple weeks becoming familiar with their new surroundings and people.  Nothing significant to report this week. She responds to cues/commands sit and is learning to loosh leash walk.

Week 2.  Tillie has settled in quite well with her handler and the her new environment.  She is a sweet girl who loves people and affection.  Her handler is beginning to start work on her dog reactivity.  Our trainer is working closely with the handlers who currently have dogs assigned to them who are reactive towards other dogs (we have 3 dogs with the same issue in the program). She alerts with barking whenever people or dogs walk past her home/crate area.